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PURE Scarf,  Cruelty-free Silk
PURE Scarf,  Cruelty-free Silk

PURE Scarf, Cruelty-free Silk

$ 48.00

Size 70"x13" 100% silk Cruelty-free Handspun Handwoven on bamboo looms Hand-braided fringe Undyed - colors are natural colors of the cocoon.

Dry clean Crafted by indigenous women weavers from Eastern India.

This unique, luxurious silk is considered cruelty-free and compassionate as silk worms aren't harmed, unlike in conventional silk-making, in which cocoon extraction involves killing silk worms in boiling water. Empty cocoons are obtained after a patient wait for silk worms to metamorphose into moths. No pesticide, chemicals, or modern machines are used in any of the production processes. A minimalist design complements its luxurious texture & fine.

A Fair Trade product. Handmade by artisans in India.

How It's Made:  This special silk known as cruelty-free silk (also known as Ahimsa or non-violent silk) is the most humane of all silk production practices. The cocoon is harvested after the silkworms turn into moths and vacate them.