Kantha Connection Bracelet

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These repurposed textile bracelets measure ¼" and stretched to fit most wrists. They are sustainably handmade by women artisans in India. These Sustainable designs empower women through fair trade.

Hope: Hope reminds us of our limitless potential for the future. This hope bracelet brings new possibilities to women artisans in India.

Compassion: Compassion nurtures our soul with kindness and empathy. This compassion bracelet symbolizes how important it is to partner with those in need.

Growth: Growth challenges us to aspire to greater levels of fairness and sustainability. This Growth Bracelet reminds us that artisans flourish under nurturing conditions.

Strength: Strength reflects our courage to stand up to injustice and illuminate a better path. This Strength Bracelet creates a chain of goodness around the world.

Creativity: Creativity shows us that we are full of limitless possibilities and endless solutions. This Creativity Bracelet brings to mind all the opportunities we have to make the world a better place.

Energy: Energy is clarity, optimism, and passion in all we do. This energy Bracelet empowers artisans to create positive changes.

Love: Handmade from repurposed Sari textiles, this Love Bracelet allows us to open our hearts to those in need. With love, we can work selflessly towards creating a better world.

Balance: Balance enables us to achieve stability and grounding in our everyday life. This Balance Bracelet reminds us to be mindful of our time and energy so we can give to those in need.

Courage: Courage allows us to go beyond our limiting beliefs so we can live our best lives. This Courage Bracelet affirms that no matter what obstacle comes our way, we will rise above.

Peace: Peace brings us a sense of calm and serenity, so we can be a source of strength for others. The Peace Bracelet reminds us to approach challenges with empathy to help find a natural peace.

Serenity: Serenity transforms our lives with soothing calm and quiet stillness. This Serenity Bracelet brings artisans peace of mind for the future through fair trade.

Wisdom: Wisdom and experience move us towards a more just society. This Wisdom Bracelet embraces the knowledge gained when we engage with each other.