Our Story

It all began 18 years ago...

The foundation for Flavours was conceived over a long weekend of defining passions:
  • justice, respect, dignity, fairness
  • valuing diversity, equality
  • adventure, travel, cultural differences and traditions
  • exotic sights, sounds and smells
  • family, community, sustainable environment
Then, Flavours of Life was born in 2004 with the purchase of a tent, $500 and the selling of fair trade crafts at local markets, fairs and festivals.
In 2005, we moved into our first storefront at 189 Bank Street, New London.
Encouraged by our community’s response to fair trade and support for Flavours, we soon re-located to much larger premises - our current location here at 86 Bank Street.
While we continue to participate in markets, fairs, and festivals, Flavours has also added community organizations, schools and fair trade parties to its itinerary. In recent years, we have further expanded our reach to embrace online shopping.

    Our mission here at Flavours is multi-faceted. With our humble little fair trade shop, we aim to accomplish the following:

    • To develop a sustainable business following Fair Trade principles, and to promote Trade Justice.

    • To implement the principles of fairness, respect, and openness in our dealings with producers, suppliers and customers, and to share these business values with others through the federation and cooperation.

    • To inform, educate and enlighten others on the principles of Fair Trade and Trade Justice.

    • To promote an awareness of history and an appreciation for the culture of others through the provision of art, crafts, food and music.

    • To develop and encourage the concept of community and become involved in activities beneficial to our local social environment.

    • To embrace all aspects of social responsibility to the best of our ability, and to influence others to be good citizens and guardians of Planet Earth.