6mm Morse Code Bracelet - Mother

6mm Morse Code Bracelet - Mother

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Mother. "Moms make life beautiful." This bracelet spells MOTHER in Morse Code in gorgeous 6mm beads. These are made by moms who are building a new hope-filled future for their families! Our MOTHER bracelets make an amazing and thoughtful gift for any mother! 

How to read your jewelry: A Morse Code dot is one bead and a dash is two beads in the alternating color. Start at the small gold spacer bead and follow the Morse Code spelling around the bracelet!

Details: Turquoise & Cloudy Glass 6mm beads * Length - 8" | Stretches to 8.75" *

Handmade in Thailand by women who are survivors of human trafficking

Made with semi-precious stones, glass beads, elastic, and love.

Made in Thailand