Book - We're Really All Just the Same

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A timely life lesson inspired by a four year old boy that all kids and adults should hear. One day, the author, Rod Cornish, was walking with his son on a beautiful day in New York City when his son, Roen made an observation and beautiful conclusion that gave rise to this book. Roen, who is biracial, having a Lithuanian mom and African American dad, said, "Daddy, your skin is darker and mine is lighter" and before Rod could give him "The Talk" regarding race and differences that probably would have confused him, his next beautiful comment left his father speechless and proud in its the childlike simplicity and profoundness. Roen said, "It's OK. We are really just the same", and this book was born. By celebrating and acknowledging how we are each unique, wonderful, beautiful and different in our own special way, Rod leads us to realize that: "We are really just all the same." Written in beautiful prose and with vibrant, children-relatable illustrations, discover another important lesson for all of us: "So you just be you and I'll just be me. Let's help one another along life's journey."


Written by New London local, Rod Cornish, owner of Hot Rods in New London

Illustrated by Autumn Wilson, a graduate of Syracuse University